Why Do We Need Singapore HIV PEP?

Singapore HIV PEP
4 Sep

Why Do We Need Singapore HIV PEP?

HIV Employment Pass holders and non-permanent residents from an employer for a day and age of up to five years are made possible through a type of Singapore work visa called Post Exposure Prophylaxis or Singapore HIV PEP  provided by professional HivSingapore.

HIV PEP visa is conceded in light of person’s abilities and professional experience. It doesn’t require the HIV PEP holder to have been as of now engaged by an employer in Singapore. Another HIV PEP holder has no less than six months to look for employment in an endless supply of the visa. If for a few reasons one extends past the permissible period of employment looking for then the visa will be reclaimed.

The eligibility requirements of Singapore HIV PEP are as per the following

* For a consecutive period of half a year from application period, A previous P1 category PEP holder who is not a Singaporean occupant must be employed.

* Presently holding an Employment Pass.

* Current P2 HIV PEPs holder with no less than 2 years of work experience in the category of PEP that wins a yearly income of at any rate S$30,000.

About the treatment procedure

There are very few treatment centres that can diagnose a patient with AIDS and thereupon treat them with HIV PEP. The Singapore  HIV PEP is one of the best places to undergo the treatment. The Elyonclinic is one of the top-notch clinics in Singapore to administer the use of HIV PEP. The clinic diagnoses patients for symptoms of HIV and upon positivity of the infection, they administer the process. The few examples where Elyonclinic uses PEP are that of exposures due to unprotected sex, health worker, condom breaks or Rape and sexual assault survivors although this treatment causes to suppress the effects of HIV and thus thereupon stops the progression of it but there are few known side effects to it as well like Diarrhoea, nausea, vomiting, headache etc.


AIDS is incurable as it disables our defence system and the progress in this field is moving at a very slow rate. But then there are cases like Singapore HIV PEP where if it is administered then it will suppress the progressiveness of the virus in the body. One day it may be possible to eradicate HIV but as of now we have to stay dependent on the HIV PEP only