Things You Need To Know About The Green Office Design

26 Sep

Things You Need To Know About The Green Office Design

 Things You Need To Know About The Green Office DesignWhile workers productivity is more than a key factor in any organization’s growth, it doesn’t come easy. It’s natural to think that with the right people armed with the right skills, and a good pay is a total guarantee of an increased productivity and company growth, but that may not be the case. According to recent studies conducted in the several US states, it has been found that the working environment plays a major role in increasing employee productivity, with the green office design appearing to gain popularity pretty fast. This design is being adopted by several major organization which includes Cisco and Havard University. As per the study, the office design has been found to provide a sustainable and relaxed working environment in the following ways:

1. Daylighting.

A naturally lit office happens to make one more active and productive as compared to artificial lighting in an office. Working close to a window improves an individual performance, and makes concentration a lot easier. A study conducted by Northwestern University indicated that such people also sleep well and their life is generally better than people working in an artificially lit environment. Daylighting is not only important for the workers, but it is also a way of saving energy.

2. Fresh air and regulated temperatures.

It is so uncomfortable, demotivating and tiring to work in a heated environment with no regular flow of air, or an overly freezing office. Productivity reduces by up to 6% in a very hot environment and up to 4% in a very cold environment. An office that is well-ventilated, boosts performance up to 11%.

3. View of nature.

Green office design encourages a touch of nature. Viewing the trees, indoor plants, flowers or just the natural environment from the window, deviated the mind from tension and frustrations, creating a relaxed feeling that makes concentration easier thus improving efficiency. A quiet environment is also good for a working mind.

Switching or redesigning your office to the green office design may be the exact solution you need to make take your organization a notch higher in productivity and comfort.