The Best Channel Management System in Singapore

channel management system
12 Oct

The Best Channel Management System in Singapore

Channel management system can be defined as the process of developing various marketing and sales strategy to reach a large number of clients. It helps to develop a program for customer service with a specific channel. It can also be defined as the management of online distribution channels so as to market hotel inventory to agents around the globe. This is done with the goal of establishing direct communication with customers in each channel. A channel management system is therefore a service provider that links the property management system used to manage rooms and prices with online booking platforms. Such a service is offered by Edenred.

A channel management system works in a way that once a booking is made all other websites are automatically updated in real time. This helps in reducing double booking. No software download or running computer is needed since the system is cloud based hence it operates solely through your browser. Edenred offers efficient and effective sales agent channel incentive programs that help to expand market share, sales revenues and channel loyalty. It also helps design new channel partners strategy by ensuring that your organizational goals and strategies align with those of your partner. Daily operations and strategic management can also be made effective through provision of accurate, precise and timely channel partners’ data.

Getting a channel management system will help your business in various ways. When selling rooms in various online platforms, it saves you time and effort since it gives you a fast and easy way to update your prices across all online channels. Over bookings will be less since the system automatically removes a room from all other online channels once its booked. Another advantage is that when the services are available across various platforms using a channel management system, prices are good even in low season.

Edenred offers the highlighted services and many more and are committed to ensure that your experience with them will bring out the best in your business.